Evaluation of a Computed Assisted Medical Intervention (CAMI) in scientific autopsy


This study is the first step of an ambitious project to use pre-operative post-mortem computed tomography (CT) imaging and a Computer Assisted Medical intervention (CAMI) device for guidance of targeted biopsy in an effort to demonstrate the continuing scientific value of the autopsy in clinical practice and therefore increase the number of autopsies carried out.

The main objectives are :

  • Build the first step of the vision associating Computed Assisted Medical Interventions and forensic science.
  • Show the possibility to perform mini-invasive autopsy in the autopsy room without a CT-scan in it with a radiology interventional tool.
  • Show the limitations and the advantages of the device in this use.
  • Show the difficulties linked to the state of the corpse.
  • Draw conclusions on the possibilities to improve this protocol, including a per-operative tool, and continue research in this way.

Publication of study protocol
Evaluation of a Computed Assisted Medical Intervention (CAMI) systems in scientific autopsy, Grenier F., Voros S., Scolan V., Paysant F., Boutonnat J., Bricault I., Moreau-Gaudry A.

Journal of Forensic Radiology and Imaging, Volume 11, December 2017, Pages 6-11