Dr. Else Merete Ebbensgaard, Region Hospital, Denmark

“At the Regionhospital in Holstebro, Denmark, we are using Imactis CT-Navigation™ since April 2015. At that time, we have performed more than 1200 lung interventions and also multiple biopsies of bones, kidneys, liver, adrenal glands and retroperitoneal lymph nodes and abdominal and thoracic drainages. Compared to our prior method we have experienced with CT-Navigation™:
– Better precision, we can hit targets as small as 7 mm in lungs
– Quick biopsies
– CT-Navigation™ is less sensitive to patient motion
– The possibility to choose a safer path that can be out of the axial plane
– Fewer complications
All radiologists in Holstebro prefer Imactis CT-Navigation™ when doing CT-biopsies.