Dr. Christian Sengel – Grenoble Hospital, France

“I personally used CT-Navigation™ assistance for over 5 years. I am an interventional radiologist specialized in pelvic and abdominal cancer treatment. For me, the system’s benefits are with percutaneous thermal ablations (radiofrequency, microwave and cryoablation) particularly for both deep and mobile nodules, like nodules in segment 7 (Couinaud). CT-Navigation™ considerably increases your accuracy in the first punctions. This also means reducing the number of CT scan controlswithout using fluoroscanner, seeing fewer complications in the trajectory, and delivering treatment with more precision (therefore reducing recurrences). Even though in theory the system does not take internal breathing movements into account, the radiologist can move into the acquired volume dynamically, see the shifting of the image of interest and easily extrapolate to obtain the exact path to the target.