Clinical study CT-NAV II


Clinical study CT-NAV II is a multicentric, comparative, prospective and randomized clinical study. It took place in 9 French publics hospitals, more than 450 patients were enrolled.
The aim of this trial is to evaluate the clinical benefit of the navigation system by comparing the results obtained in the navigation-assisted group with those obtained in the conventional group during CT-guided procedures.
Three criterias are used:

  • Safety: The number of AEs that are considered to be major.
  • Efficacy: The number of targets reached
  • Performance: The number of control scans acquired during the needle insertion.

Publication of study protocol
Evaluation of the clinical benefit of an electromagnetic navigation system for CT-guided interventional radiology procedures in the thoraco-abdominal region compared with conventional CT guidance (CTNAV II): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. RC. Rouchy, A. Moreau-Gaudry, E. Chipon, S. Aubry, L. Pazart, B. Lapuyade, M. Durand, M. Hajjam, S. Pottier, B. Renard, R. Logier, X. Orry, A. Cherifi, E. Quehen, G. Kervio, O. Favelle, F. Patat, E. De Kerviler, C. Hughes, M. Medici, J. Ghelfi, A. Mounier and I. Bricault.

Trials, July, 6, 2017.