BSIR Educational Webinar Programme - September 10, 2020


We heartfully thank the esteemed panel of speakers & moderators and all the attendees who collectively contributed to the success of this special educational webinar organized by the British Society of Interventional Radiology



(Full Session)

CT-guided Interventions: Pushing the limits


Speakers: Prof. Fred T. Lee Jr, Prof. Eric de Kerviler, Prof. Alban Denys

Moderators: Dr. Previn Diwakar, Dr. Jon Bell


♦ Complex CT-Guided Biopsies – Professor Fred T. Lee Jr
♦ Challenging CT Guided Percutaneous Interventions – Professor Eric de Kerviler
♦ Difficult to access hepatic lesion ablation – Professor Alban Denys
♦ Live Q&A

CT-guided interventions: Evolution
by Prof. Fred T. Lee Jr
(6 min)

Complex biopsies with CT-Navigation™
by Prof. Fred T. Lee Jr
(9 min)

Challenging CT-guided Percutaneous Interventions by Prof. Eric de Kerviler (15 min)

Complex liver ablations: Challenges and Solutions by Prof. Alban Denys
(16 min)

BSIR Webinar Educational Session
(14 min)


(Full Session)

Interactive Workshop Session


Speakers: Prof. Fred T. Lee Jr, Sally King

Moderator: Dr. Previn Diwakar


♦ CT-Navigation™ demo
♦ Tips and Tricks for lung biopsies
♦ Live Q&A

CT-Navigation™ demo
by Sally King, Imactis
(10 min) 

CT-Navigation™ for Lung Biopsies: Tips and Tricks by Prof. Fred T. Lee Jr
(7 min) 

CT-Navigation™ Interactive Workshop
Deep dive and Q&A
(24 min)