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taking up together the challenges of interventional radiology

Radiology plays a key role in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and utilizes many minimally invasive procedures to achieve these goals. Whether it is the number of controls, physician, staff and patient exposure, time of the procedure or procedural costs, the issues facing the department are numerous.

These procedures require precision, speed and safety for all involved. Our team has listened to these concerns and has identified simple, practical solutions to meet the needs of the department.

Benefits for

  • Real time treatment planning during the procedure
  • Ability to avoid critical structures without angular limitation for an optimal trajectory
  • Diagnose and treat for optimal outcomes
  • Safely complete your procedures with confidence
  • Simplified multi-needle interventions
  • Reduction in procedural time
  • Quick learning curve and ease of use for physicians and staff

Benefits for

  • Benefit from safe and efficient pre-treatment planning
  • Improved diagnosis and outcome
  • Receive less radiation

Benefits for

  • Shorter procedural times to optimize workflow and patient throughput
  • Reduce the number of controls and radiation exposure
  • Provide improved outcomes and enhanced patient care