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The simple and efficient targeting device

Concept and use

The IMACTIS system is composed of a station with a touch screen, a patient referential and a needle holder.

The system detects the position and the orientation of the needle holder and displays the anticipated trajectory of the needle in real time. This trajectory is displayed in two reconstructed slices extracted from the CT volume.

The radiologist moves the needle-holder on the patient's skin and uses it as a targeting device to explore the patient's anatomy and plan the trajectory. Once the optimal trajectory is selected, the needle holder offers needle guidance and dynamic orientation control.

Advantages and benefits

  • Exploration and planning in real time
  • Easy performance of double-obliquity trajectories
  • Fewer controls
  • Increased accuracy
  • External patient movement compensation
  • Seamless and easy to use
  • Easy performance of interventions requiring several needles
  • Educational tool

CE marking

The IMACTIS CT-NAVIGATION system is CE marked since May 2013.